Hayato Imanishi

Hayato was born in 1981, Gifu City,  Japan. He started photography as a university student.

He currently travels the world, taking his pictures and holding exhibitions in various countries.

His works are amazing and beautiful which are printed on Japanese Paper giving them a completely

unique look. Hayato has now travelled through more than 80 countries to create his work. The

photos represent his feeling and passion for these places but in a purists form that can be hard to

find now. Anyone with an interest in photography art, or travel should take the time to see this.


    今西 勇人  

    1981年 岐阜生まれ。



    2004 | smile of asia |  in Nagoya

    2006 | after |  in  Gifu

    2007 | full art |  in Tokyo

    2010 | beauty is beauty |  in  Yerevan, Armenia

    2011 | fragments of beauty |  in KL, Malaysia

    2012 | fragments of beauty |  in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    2012 | fragments of beauty |  in Cape town, South Africa